Is not Allah sufficient for His servant-BLOG

Arfa Yassir, Swindon

Allah, the Supreme Being, is fully aware of the weaknesses and short comings of His creation. Though we may, as humans, over-estimate or under-estimate our powers at times, Allah knows how helpless human beings are, how weak at heart or mind we may become. Also only He knows our true potential. We may become weak when we encounter tough times, we may become arrogant over our success but this glorious Quranic verse gives us the right attitude in life. Allah states:

“Is not Allah sufficient for His servant?…’[i]

This is the mind-set and attitude a believer must maintain in his or her thought and action at all times. In tough and trying times these affirming words from Allah save us from helplessness and depression and give us peace and confidence. They make us mindful that neither our skill, planning, worldly resources, people, power nor influence can save us but only Allah can! Hence no matter how tough the situation gets we will not lose hope knowing that Allah will help us find a way. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) is known to have said:

‘Were you to put your complete trust in Allah, He would provide for you as He provides for the birds. They issue forth hungry in the morning and return filled in the evening.’[ii]

Allah is sufficient for His servant not only for physical needs but also for spiritual needs. He has been sending His Prophets to all people. For the most perfect and complete spiritual nourishment He blessed the world with a Prophet for all the peoples of the world, and for all times, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him) and revealed the Holy Qur’an to him.

In times of success and achievement the words of the Quranic verse help us keep our feet on the ground because we realise we owe our success to Allah. It is only because of Him that we have been able to do anything at all, as He is sufficient for His servant.

Of course in no way does this verse imply that we should stop using our skills and struggle for worldly resources, what it teaches is to bear in mind that after putting the best of our effort into something the results may only be achieved with Allah’s help. Many times we see in our personal lives that even though we use all resources at our disposal we still cannot achieve what we aim for because Allah does not will so. And many times we know that we cannot do something or something is not possible still we are able to achieve our goal only because of special help from Allah.

If we ponder a little we may see that this verse demands two things from us:

Firstly, to actually believe firmly and realise that Allah is enough for His servant.

Secondly, to become a true ‘abd’ or servant of Allah so that He shows His helping hand for us.

I read in a Quranic commentary that we must reflect on and think over Allah’s attributes. This helps us understand the Divine powers and in turn helps us to imbibe His attributes in our character on a human level and have the vision to see His attributes in action around us. For example Allah’s attribute Al Kafi, ‘The Sufficient’ is very helpful in this regard.

To become a true servant of Allah we are blessed with not only the complete code of conduct in the Holy Qur’an but also the fact that the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him) was a personification of the Holy Qur’an and he was indeed the perfect example of a true servant of Allah for all times. Through these blessings we can try and colour our souls exactly how Allah wants us to.

The current worldwide spiritual head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad explained this subject in one of his Friday sermons and said that when help is needed it is only God Who has the real power to help, and He provides it. This is a most significant point which a true believer should always have in view, whether the help sought is on personal level or communal. But it is seen that in practice people do not pay as much attention to this as they should. Most of us say that our needs are met by the grace of God. However, if we ponder over our words in-depth we will note that we consider various means as the sources of accomplishing our tasks.  [iii]

In conclusion, let’s take further inspiration from the lives of some Prophets of Allah. History witnesses numerous examples of Allah being enough for His servant. Prophet Ibrahim (peace be on him) left his wife and son alone in desert as per Allah’s command knowing that Allah is sufficient for His servant. Prophet Yusuf (peace be on him) thanked Allah for his faith even though he was in prison knowing that Allah is sufficient for His servant. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) never gave up his cause in the face of the strongest opposition and lack of resources knowing that Allah indeed is sufficient for His servant.









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