Humanity First – Ladies Fundraising Dinner

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Sadia Sami, London, UK

On April 20th, Humanity First organized their second annual charity dinner for ladies only which I had the good fortune to attend. Before jumping into the details of this great charity event, let’s focus on what exactly Humanity First is. Humanity First is a charity organization that first began in the UK during 1994. Since then, Humanity First has responded to thousands of victims in any sort of affected community and since 2000, HF has expanded to international disasters and programmes such as education, healthcare and orphans. Today, Humanity First is established in over 43 countries and across 6 continents with funding coming mainly from donations.

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The night started off with an address from National UK Humanity First Representative, Mansoora Nasir, who highlighted the main purpose of the Humanity First Charity Dinner—a night to raise awareness and donations for schools and students in Gambia. The speech really touched me as the speaker pointed out how underdeveloped the school many of these children attend is. The children do not have a proper area to play sports or play with each other. If they desire to play football, they make lines on the rocky floors with stones and play football but they would also not have proper sports equipment like a ball or even run. The money that would have been raised by the Humanity First dinner would be used to renovate the sports area, school and establish swimming facilities for the children.

Many people rightfully question charities as there have been many cases where donations go towards the charity rather than the cause the money was raised for. However, the charity dinner was almost completely done upon donations. The delicious dinner which consisted of our favourite ‘chaat papadi’, Chinese rice and sweet and sour chicken was given by two anonymous donors and the hall had been given to Humanity First free of charge.

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In order to make the night go smoothly, there were many lady volunteers that were at the hall from 10am till midnight helping with setting up, guiding guests, organizing the auction and cleaning up. The auction was energetic and various items were up for bid from a Prada bag to beauty packages and even driving lessons. Almost all items were sold and many ladies donated towards the Gambia cause.

Overall, the night went very smoothly and was a great success due to the efforts made by the Humanity First team and also by the donations given so selflessly.

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