In Response to Mo Ansar’s Complaint to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards


Navida Sayed, Hounslow, UK

Following Asad Shah’s death, Scotland’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community launched a bus poster campaign in Glasgow with the message “United Against Extremism”.  The campaign is fully supported by Scottish politicians, the police, and members of the Christian, Jewish and Sikh faiths.  The campaign also has the full support of UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

A few days ago, in response to a question from the SNP’s Angus Robertson, the Prime Minister stated:

“The attack on Ahmadiyya Muslims by other Muslims demonstrates once again that what we face is not some clash of civilizations between Islam and Christianity, or Islam and Buddhism; what we are seeing is a small minority within one of the great religions of our world, Islam, believing that there is only one way, a violent extremist way, of professing their faith. This is a battle within Islam. And we have to be on the side of the moderate majority and make sure they win it. We have to really understand what is happening here or we’ll take the wrong path.” (i)

Following the above statement, Mohammed Ansar, lodged an official complaint with the Parliamentary Commissioner, as he felt that the Prime minister had made incorrect statements during Questions to the Prime Minister (PMQs) in the House of Commons.

Mo Ansar’s complaint against the Prime Minister is clearly preposterous. His assertion that ‘the Prime Minister has strayed into Islamic theology to undermine and attack the position of Muslims in Britain,’ (ii) is inaccurate. The Prime Minister is primarily focusing on the issue of extremism within the UK, which sadly resulted in a sectarian killing as a result of the blasphemy laws implemented in Pakistan, which are trickling into the UK.

Ansar’s comments emphasises that the Ahmadiyya Community is not considered Muslim according to mainstream Muslim theology.  Ansar further adds that ‘the consensus of all Muslims scholars and schools of thought is clear on this matter, and the Prime Minister is incorrect in fact.’  Ansar says, ‘Government is interfering with the key tenets of a faith. That’s a problem and quite wrong.’

The Prime Minister very accurately referred to Ahmadi’s as Muslims, and he precisely stated that “This is a battle within Islam, and we have to be on the side of the moderate majority and make sure that they win it. We have to understand really what is happening here. Otherwise, we will take the wrong path” (iii) The Prime Minister has clearly highlighted that there is a serious problem.

Firstly Ansar cannot put words into the mouths of others and monopolize who can and cannot be called a Muslim.

Secondly I would like to ask Mo Ansar, the affiliated scholars of the MCB and all other Muslims scholars around the world, whether they are a higher and greater authority than our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?  When our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), reprimanded Usama bin Zaid, for killing an unbeliever who recited the Kalima – affirming his faith in the truth of Islam – (iv) our beloved Prophet (pbuh) had said that Usama bin Zaid had neither the ability nor the right to decide whether or not that man’s declaration of belief in Islam was genuine.(iv) Therefore no other human being on this earth has the right or the authority to declare whether someone is a Muslim or not, above and beyond the highest, in status and rank amongst the Prophets, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Furthermore, Ansar’s comments that, ‘The largest representative organisation of Muslims in Britain, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB); every global school of Sunni and Shia Muslim thought and the most liberal scholars in the world such as the American scholar Hamza Yusuf Hanson, all confirm the Ahmadiyya Community are not considered Muslims according to mainstream Muslim theology’ (v)

This only validates a hadith Abu Mansur Abd al-Kahir ibn-Tahir Al-Baghdadi says:

“There are many isnad (independent testimonies) for the tradition dealing with the division of the community. A number of following companions have handed it down as coming from the Prophet (peace be upon him): Anas ibn-Malik, Abu-Hurairah, Abu-l-Darda, Jabir, Abu-Sa’id al-Khidri, Ubai ibn-Ka’b, Abd-Allah ibn-Amr ibn-al-‘As, abu-Imamah, Wathilah ibn-al-Aska’ and others. It is also handed down that the pious Caliphs mentioned that the community would be divided after them, that one sect only would save itself, and the rest of them would be given to error in this world, and to destruction in the next” (vi) 

As mentioned explicitly in the Hadith, Ansar’s comments confirm, that all other Muslim sects would separate the one true sect unanimously.

I end with the words of the Promised Messiah Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad,

 “We are Muslims, we believe in God Who is One, and we also believe in the Kalimah. We believe that the Qur’an is the Book of Allah and Muhammad (sa) is His Prophet and Khata- mul Anbiya’. We believe in the existence of the Angels, in the Day of Judgement, and in the existence of Heaven and Hell. We say our daily prayers, keep fast during Ramadan and turn towards Ka‘bah to pray. 

“We consider it our duty to refrain from whatever Allah and His Prophet forbid us to do and do whatever they command us to do. We have no authority to add or detract anything from the Islamic Sharia. We accept as part of Islam all that has come to us from the Holy Prophet (sa), whether or not we understand its raison d’etre. By the Grace of Allah, we are true believers, Muslims and believers in the Oneness of God.”

(Nur-ul-Haq, Part I, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p.7)vii

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