A Tribute To Maxi Martin


Maxi Martin, a dear friend to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community passed away on Wednesday night; our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

She was a Councillor for St Helier Ward in London, a former mayor and cabinet member for children’s services.


Maxi had a heart of gold and her sincerity was tangible. She was a friend of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s auxiliary organisation for many years and we have many cherished memories of wonderful times spent at Baitul Futuh mosque with her. She was always there for us and was indeed one of us.

Maxi was forthright and passionate for the causes she worked for, such as domestic violence. She was extremely willing to help women and was a passionate advocate for women and issues involving them. Maxi engaged very well with audiences as she spoke from the heart and in an entertaining way. She was generous with her time, was very welcoming and very inclusive. Her diminutive person carried steely strength.


She embraced Lajna Ima’illah UK as her own and referred to Baitul Futuh as ‘my mosque’. We pay tribute to her amazing nature and say good bye to a very dear friend, a sister who will be sorely missed.

Lajna Ima’illah UK
Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Auxiliary


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