I’m Not Striking But Hear My Voice


By Dr Maleeha Mansur

To the Department of Health

I am a junior doctor working in the NHS but I will not be striking today. Why? Because Islam does not let me disrupt the peace of society in order to gain my rights.

It is truly saddening to see that our government is not willing to listen and justly negotiate with its workforce. Junior doctors work tirelessly and for many, many extra hours than they are paid for or indeed legally allowed, purely out of their goodwill for the sake of their patients. However striking, despite all of the precautions put in place, does impose risks to patients lives and impacts on patient care. It is the teaching of Islam, the very word itself means peace, that one must strive to fulfil the rights of others rather than seeking one’s own.

Islam also teaches that a government should be just and one that serves its people. Where is the justice in forcing one group of society to work on national holidays without reasonable compensation? A group that, in fact, constantly and endlessly works to selflessly serve the whole of society. Do these servants of the people not have families? Do doctors not deserve reasonable rest before making decisions about patients’ lives? Are doctors not allowed to have lives outside of work?

I hope my voice will reach the ears of the world such that we will find a peaceful and non-disruptive agreement that will lead to a prosperous NHS with a passionate workforce.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Maleeha Mansur


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