A Miraculous Museum

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By Saira Ahmed, Hounslow

Ever wondered what it would be like to amalgamate all the museums of the world, all knowledge-past, present and future – and all guidance into one expanse? As you walk from one chamber to the next in awe and inspiration, through beautifully adorned hallways which aid understanding and develop new thoughts, ultimately meandering to pathways of certainty.

This museum is a reality. This museum is The Holy Quran. Translated in over 70 languages it is read and memorised by millions around the world, displayed in homes, book stores, libraries and exhibitions.

The wondrous nature of the Holy Quran is that it is the original Word of God. Described as ‘mobeen’ (clear), it not only provides laws and ordinances, but it substantiates these with solid arguments and sound reason. It teaches social reform and promotes community cohesion. Laws of inheritance and a complete economic system are laid down, women are given rights, the pursuit of education is stressed for men and women, special treatment of orphans is emphasised, welfare of animals is upheld, rules pertaining to assemblage, and the dos and don’ts of warfare are highlighted.

The Quran also unveils obscurities that have crept into previous scriptures and explains its own account; for this is the only Book of God that raises the high status of all prophets. It contains future prophecies, some of which have already come to pass, such as the rise and defeat of the Romans, excavation of Pharaoh, linking oceans to form the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal, and the use of a finger print system for identification purposes.

The clarity of The Holy Quran is enough in itself to attain nearness to God. The highest standards of morality and spirituality may be achieved by both men and women, through earnest prayers, fasting and alms giving.

The Quran embraces science and laws of nature. It teaches us about the stages of creation, the beginnings of the universe hence confirming the Big Bang Theory, atoms, the orbiting nature of moons and planets, black holes and its mechanics.

There is no denying the eternal truths, hidden treasures and wisdom of the Holy Quran: A Miraculous Museum at our fingertips, safeguarded by the author Himself.

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2 thoughts on “A Miraculous Museum

  1. Well said. Agree. In addition it is historically proven that not a single word of the Quran has changed since it was revealed to Prophet Mohammad (pooh) and what we have is the very original text.

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  2. Excellent. And Allah has thus guarded every word of the Holy Quran Himself for a reason. Every word, every law, every historical, scientific, archaeological truth miraculously shows itself more authentically relevant and powerful with the passage of time and the development of humans. None of the verses of the Holy Quran have been abrogated as is the mistaken belief of not only non-Muslims but certain Muslim groups as well.


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