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I Say, No Way!

NO WAY graphic

Danila Jonnud, Age 10

On the news and in newspapers we read and hear about the awful things that are happening right now. For example there were the Paris attacks, there have been terrorist threats, loads of things.

All this is making some people paranoid about Muslims. We know Muslims have been pushed off buses, publicly abused and even threatened, all because they are Muslim and people are scared that they will be the next victims of terrorist attacks.

I say, NO WAY!  I am an Ahmadi Muslim girl, and I know that one of the strictest rules of Islam is to respect other faiths.

I lead a normal lifestyle with just a few differences from people of other faiths. For example I read five daily Prayers and my Holy Book, the Qur’an.

I am disgusted by terrorism and am hurt that some people believe all Muslims think the same and that all Muslims are bad;  a quarter of the world is Muslim and almost all are peaceful.

Terrorists have only one thing they want to do; spread terror and fear. I call it attention seeking but in the most horrible way.  But they have no reason to spread terror and fear. ISIS say they are Muslims so they can do this, but they are not behaving as any Muslim should.

This leads people like Donald Trump to try and ban all Muslims from entering America and that, in my view, is going too far because it is  punishing innocent Muslims who may just be wanting to go on a peaceful holiday or see their family, and is not helping the situation.

So what can we do?

If we can all stand united we can beat the horrors that are going on all around us and we need to do this before matters get worse. I am desperately hoping we can.


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