Hajra Ahmad, USA

You came, with your eyes full of revenge,

Your hands, eager to destroy,

Your mouths, foaming with rage,

Shouting in the name of Allah,

Screaming in the name of His Messenger.

You knocked down the doors.

You broke down the windows.

Breaking, smashing, looting,

Burning down the livelihood of hundreds.

The hard work of generations, in ashes.

In seconds you destroyed my home.

The home I had built with such loving care,

The heirlooms that took decades to collect,

Memories of my children’s laughter echoed,

The beloved home they grew up in, all gone.

Yet, what did you take from me?


You took nothing from me,

As I have by my side, the Master of us all.

His tight embrace, I am never letting go.

All I need is Him, your terror can harm me no more.

He chose ME for this sacrifice, how fortunate am I!

Tell me, who do YOU have on your side?

The God you claim as yours, is the Most Benevolent,

The Messenger you claim to defend, is a Blessing for all mankind.

This heinous crime you committed in their name was all in vain,

This hatred will bring you no benefit, in this life or after,

Because ALL it did, was strengthen my faith in Allah.


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